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We specialize our law practice to represent clients in intellectual property matters, including patents, trademarks and trade secret matters. Our patent professionals have the necessary technology backgrounds for effective representation of clients in patent and trade secret matters. Our technical backgrounds support our efforts across a broad range of technologies, ranging from Internet-enabled and software-based technologies to computing, networking and semiconductors. Working with our clients, we develop IP strategies tailored to their business goals. Only effective planning and sound execution of an IP strategy yields patents that serve as valuable business assets.

We possess the necessary skills and resources to effectively monetize our client’s patents by developing and launching effective monetization and licensing campaigns. Using our proprietary Patent Analytics Technology, we identify target companies that potentially infringe our client’s patents. Specifically, our proprietary Patent Analytics Technology allows us to identify the crown jewel patents in our client’s portfolio and uncover technologies that potentially infringe those patents. Silicon Valley IP attorney John Stattler also can execute monetization and licensing campaigns, including, if necessary, representation in patent litigation matters.

In addition to patent monetization, our practice also includes analyzing patent portfolios, including large patent portfolios, in support of a broad range of our client’s patent related matters. For example, we provide patent due diligence support for transactions that involve patents, such as patent portfolios acquired in corporate mergers and acquisitions. Our patent analysis efforts also include, when necessary, development of invalidity and non-infringement cases for effective patent defense representation, including representation in matters before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).

In the trademark area, we procure trademark rights, both domestic and international, through preparation and prosecution of trademark applications. We also have experience in representing clients in matters before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).

Proprietary Patent Analytics Technology

Our approach is to use technology to do what technology does best; analyze big data to gain valuable insights that aid in our practice of law. Simply put, we use our proprietary Patent Analytics Technology to sift through vast amounts of data to identify only the relevant information needed for effective representation. Through use of our proprietary Patent Analytics Technology, we gain valuable insights not possible using standard patent search technology. These insights support our efforts around several patent related practice areas.

Our proprietary Patent Analytics technology supports analysis of large datasets, including analysis of entire patent portfolios. Using machine-learning techniques, our search engine discovers patent documents relevant to a portfolio under analysis by analyzing the portfolio against the available corpus of patent documents. Relevance of the portfolio is visualized through the display of patents as nodes in a manner that represents relevance distances among the patents.

Our proprietary Patent Analytics technology discovers, in patent documents under analysis, clusters of subject matter areas. This allows us to map the portfolio under analysis, and the patents relevant to the portfolio, into subject matter classifications, such as business product categories, technology sectors or categories for market analysis.

Silicon Valley IP lawyer John Stattler uses Patent Analytics technology, in part, to aid his efforts in:

  • Identifying companies as potential targets for monetization of patents;
  • Analyzing patent portfolios to assess valuation and potential for monetization;
  • Conducting due diligence on patent portfolios in merger and acquisition transactions to support business decisions;
  • Providing resources for in-house counsel to analyze patent portfolios including the ability to conduct side-by-side portfolio comparisons for competitor analysis;
  • Analyzing patent portfolios to aid in patent acquisition determinations; and
  • Developing patent defense positions including cost effective prior art searching.
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