Patent Monetization & Valuation

Patent Assertion

We counsel our clients to realize the value of their patents through monetization, including providing answers to questions like:

  • How can we monetize our patent portfolio?
  • Who’s infringing our patents?
  • What are our patents worth?
  • What type of payment can we get from licensing or sale of our patents?

We provide the necessary support to launch an effective monetization campaign, including developing an effective licensing program. Only strong patents applicable to robust markets have potential for monetization. Any effective campaign to monetize patents involves identifying the portfolio crown jewels suitable for licensing and finding the best target companies to pursue. We use our Patent Analytics Technology to identify target companies working in technology areas most relevant to the asserting portfolio.

Patent Valuation

Patent valuation, a process to ascribe a monetary value to patents, is necessary in:

  • Bankruptcy and estate proceedings involving patents;
  • Corporate asset valuation for purposes of financing or dissolution; and
  • Mergers and acquisitions to value key patents and patent applications.

We assist our clients to determine valuation of their patents, either as an asset to enhance their business or in terms of market value pricing. Our Patent Analytics Technology provides a window to determine the intrinsic value of patents. We team up with certified appraisers that will, with our input, render a cash value appraisal of your patents.

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